Dive In


Image of Dive In

A simple glimpse at Sydney’s fondness for swimming and ocean pools…

Growing up in Queensland, I was introduced to swimming early in my life. A fun pastime that I’ve always enjoyed and carried through into adult life. But it wasn’t until I moved to Sydney that I discovered the beauty of ocean pools.

When I first visited Bondi Beach, I was greeted with the stark white colour of Icebergs. I never knew you could have such an amazing pool right on the beach and the ocean. Watching the sets roll through and with the sun going down,I could see a true beauty and serenity that I needed to capture.

Fast forward to 2014 after my short stint in the UK and I was back in Sydney living close to Manly. I had spare time on the weekends so I decided to visit the closest beaches. It was then I realised that almost every beach in the Sydney/Greater Sydney area had its own ocean pool.

As I started visiting each one, I realised that I needed to document them for a possible series of images. 18 months later and after travelling along the coast and visiting pools from Palm Beach to Cronulla, the end result is ‘Dive In’.